Maco Construction

Maco Construction offers general contracting duties and has construction projects throughout the Midwest including rehab construction, apartment preservation, new homes and complete housing projects. Since expanding into the new construction of multi-family dwellings, MACO has completed construction of ninety-seven new properties. These range from complexes built for various housing authorities to Rural Development financed apartments still owned and operated by MACO today.

Maco Development

MACO Development Company, L.L.C. is known for its experience and knowledge of revitalizing old and/or historic buildings. Some of MACO Development’s projects include: Eugene Field Apartments, Park Hills, Missouri-Previously constructed in 1907, redesign was completed in August 2005, providing and affordable, attractive living environment for Senior Citizens; Lincoln-Hubbard Apartments, Sedalia Missouri-since this historic building has been revitalized, it consists of thirty, two bedroom apartments and nine, one bedroom apartments for Senior Citizens; Cotton Boll Commons, Kennett, Missouri, this old hotel was completely rehabilitated and is now a beautiful 39 unit complex designated for Senior Citizens.

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Maco Management

MACO Management Company, Inc., throughout its early years of the 1980s was engaged in natural growth. As MACO Management’s sister company MACO Construction developed and constructed multi-family units, it was the responsibility of MACO Management Co, Inc., to place these properties into service. Since its growth, in the late 1990s and into 2000, MACO Management now has seven full service Management offices throughout Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and Kansas.